Electric Sheep Begins Online Broadcast of Split’s Second Season in South America

Fans of the Israeli supernatural drama ‘Split’ will definitely be thrilled to know that thanks to Electric Sheep, the second season of the hit series is set to air online exclusively in South America.

The groundbreaking first season of Split centered around 15-year-old Ella Rozen, an introverted and awkward girl just beginning high school. As if high school itself isn’t bad enough for a girl who feels like she never belongs, Ella Rozen also happens to a be a Split – half human and half vampire. And the principal of her school? He’s the head of the Order of the Blood, a 1000-year old order dedicated to eradicating vampires.

Ella’s Love Story

Ella’s troubles range from the somewhat ordinary – being caught in a love triangle between her best friend Omer and a handsome new student named Leo – to the extraordinary, such as being named the Vampires’ Prophet, otherwise known as the vampires’ leader, and becoming the number one target of the Order of Blood.


What’s New in Season 2

Season two kicks off with Ella deciding she wants to live like a normal teenager. Split fans can probably guess how long that will last. Season two promises more of the excitement we became accustomed to in season one, but this time we’re about to deal with some nasty demons, the new enemy in town.

In addition to being a major hit in its home base of Israel, Split has become an international sensation, with broadcasting rights in over 78 countries.

More Leading Cast Members

Split stars 25-year-old Amit Farkash, a Canadian-born actress and singer with Jewish ancestry who was propelled to fame by the role of Ella Rozen. Amit first caught the attention of Israel nine years ago when she released Millions of Stars, a song dedicated to the memory of her older brother Tom Farkash, who died during the Second Lebanon War in a helicopter crash. Since then, Amit has won a lead role in the Israeli version of High School Musical, competed in Israel’s Dancing with the Stars, and released her debut album Feel.

Split also stars 25-year-old Yon Tamarkin as Leo. Yon is an Israeli actor and singer. He was born in Jaffa and spent the first 13 years of his life there before moving to Tel Aviv with his mother. From 2009 until 2012, Yon was the four-time recipient of the Israeli Television Award for best actor. In 2012 he played a lead role in the award-winning film Rock the Casbah.


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