The Incredibly Indulging Yachts Owned by the Rich and Famous

It will come as no surprise that many of the rich and famous own yachts and spend plenty of time living a life of luxury on them. If we all had the means, time and opportunity to go yacht sailing endlessly, 99 out of 100 people would, and that hundredth person gets severely seasick. Some famous people, however, simply know how to live better than everyone else when it comes to yachting. Here are those yachting superstars and a description of their pleasure crafts.

Paul Allen, Co-Founder of Microsoft

While Paul Allen, in fact, owns multiple yachts, it’s his mega-yacht named Octopus that is truly stunning. This three-decked yacht more closely resembles a small cruise ship than a personal pleasure craft, but it turns out the co-founder of Microsoft can afford to have whatever beast of a boat he wants. Not only is the Octopus excessively big and exceptionally grand, but it also comes equipped with two submarines. Yes. Two submarines. For when yacht sailing on a $200-million boat isn’t quite exciting enough.


Diane Von Furstenberg, Fashion Designer

Almost every woman who has dressy functions to attend owns at least one pricy Diane von Furstenberg dress. Perhaps that’s why DVF was able to splash out on a $150-million yacht she calls Eos. Not only is this yacht the very picture of historical elegance, closely resembling the kind of boat Greek goddesses would have watched go out to sea, but it also allegedly features a statue of Diane von Furstenberg on the deck. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Then flaunt it some more. Then get a sculpture made of yourself, why not?

David Geffen, Media Mogul

He began his career as a talent agent, branching out into music production, and now David Geffen basically owns the entire world, including a mega-yacht called the Rising Sun. The Rising Sun boasts 82 different rooms, a basketball court, and a movie theater. The Rising Sun provides a nice getaway for Geffen, who lives in a modest house in Los Angeles. Kidding, of course. He owns 1.1 billion dollars’ worth of mansions.


Steven Spielberg, Director

The futuristic-looking Seven Seas yacht is absolutely perfect for a director who frequently dabbles in sci-fi. We thought so even before we knew the Seven Seas features an infinity pool with walls that are also movie screens.

For $200 million, yeah, might as well get yourself some movie screen walls. You might think that considering how many movie tickets we bought for Jurassic Park, we may be entitled to a weekend getaway on the Seven Seas, but according to Mr. Spielberg’s lawyer, that’s not how it works.


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