Sailing with Style on the Coastlines: Top 5 Destinations in Europe for Yachting

The warmer weather is just around the corner, and yachting enthusiasts everywhere are starting to think about where they want to visit this season. An exotic yachting destination is the best way to live the good life and go sailing with style. Here are the 5 top destinations in Europe this year.

First up on our list, the French Riviera is a beautiful destination that has it all. You can visit the gorgeous coastlines, stop off in the bustling cities of Cannes, Nice, and Monte Carlo, or head off to the islands of Port Cros and Porquerolles. One of the first ever resorts, upper class British began visiting in the 18th century, and now it gets an annual 14 million visitors. The French Riviera has it all, and you may find yourself stopping off here for far longer than you’d ever anticipated.

Next up, we have the incredible island of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Nestled away inside the island chain, giving it calm, easy sailing water, Tortola has white beaches, stone formations, and fantastic coral reefs. Some of the earliest permanent residents were pirates Blackbeard and Captain Kidd. The Northern coast has all of the best beaches on the island, and marine activities abound, making it an exciting stop-over. The largest of the British Virgin Islands, and the most populated, for the getaway of relaxation Tortola is a perfect choice.

Make sure to consider the Azores Islands in Portugal. Nine quiet islands off the coast of Portugal are surrounded with awesome ocean life, including whales and dolphins. Ashore there are secluded resorts and hot springs for winding down in the evening.

For the traveler who’s looking for an authentic cultural experience, the Adriatic coastline of Croatia has calm seas, over a thousand islands,  and many villages and towns. The landscapes are awe-inspiring, with diving waterfalls, massive gorges, and high mountain peaks. Stop off from sightseeing in the many harbors and towns, and savor the experience of authentic food and goods.

No list would be complete without mentioning the snorkeler’s paradise, Turkey. For anyone sailing in the Mediterranean, Turkey is a must-see destination. The coastline is rocky and protected, and has well-concealed harbors and bays for snorkeling and relaxing swimming.

Whichever place you decide to visit this sailing season, sailing with style on the European coastlines is a sure path to a summer you’ll never forget.

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