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Neve Tzedek is a historical town that until recently had been allowed to fade and crumble, it’s former splendor lost. In the 1980’s the town went through a resurgence that brought it back to it’s former glory and place of cultural prestige, turning it into a luxurious and stylish upper class residence that is chic, fun and hip. It’s restaurants reflect that attitude, offering an eclectic blend of different culture, taste and flavor combinations mixed with some of the best food available in Israel. Neve Tzedek contains some of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

It’s important to note that unlike many other cities in Israel, where a large portion of the restaurants are kosher and only a small percentage are not, in Neve Tzedek, and Tel Aviv in general, the tables are turned and most of the fare is not kosher. Restaurants are generally opened all weekend long, including Saturdays, and offer a nice variety of stylish, warm, homey and fun bars, coffee shops and cafes as well as elegant dining experiences for those with a yen for a more upscale experience.


The Best Culinary Delights

Many restaurants feature different versions of traditional Middle Eastern fare such as hummus with chickpea, roasted eggplant platters, falafel, shakshuka and malawach. Some of the more original ones have European trained chefs that have combined traditional Middle Eastern flavors and ingredients with European cooking methods and styles, creating a new and interesting fusion that will give your palate a fresh new way to enjoy food.

Where to Eat

For those looking for a great meal, but with more simple fare in mind, try breakfast at Dallal, an elegantly renovated manor house right in the center of the cultural area. Dallal also does lunch and dinner, but their breakfasts, straight from their in-house bakery are definitely something to write home about. Michelle Bar is a nice cafe with a friendly atmosphere, nice and simple food, and an entertaining round of poetry readings in the evenings, while Nina offers vegetarian fare with great organic food and sandwiches. Regina at The Station between Neve Tzedek and Jaffa is one of the few kosher restaurants in the area, and offers delicious choices such as kubbeh soup, Baghdad meatballs and their highly rate chopped chicken liver with homemade pickled cucumbers.


Those interested in a romantic evening, or looking for something more upmarket can choose from one of the many Asian flavored restaurants that are making a name for themselves in the area, such as Tiger Lili, Hannoi and Taizu, or Popina, a chef style restaurant with delicately made dishes that are both imaginative and delicious. In addition, two of the best meat restaurants in Tel Aviv, and possibly in Israel in general are both located in Neve Tzedek and give each other a run for their money in the best steak department. NG and A Place for Meat will both provide you with a dinner that will satisfy even the most discriminating palates.

For food connoisseurs or those who simply want a good place to eat, the bevy of restaurant choices in Neve Tzedek put it all on a plate for you.

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