Why men need to lift more than their beer cans

Look, most of us rational human beings can agree that feminism is a good thing. If you don’t want to get into a debate about that particular f-word, then we can at least agree that equality is a good thing.


There are major differences between men and women. That’s just how it is and how it’s always going to be. One of the most significant differences between men and women is physical strength. Men are naturally stronger. And feminism, equality and the women’s movement aside, men should still care about being strong. You don’t have to be Sylvester Stallone, but you do need to make sure you’re not neglecting your physical strength. Here’s why.

Because you never know

Embarrassing honesty time. We’re going to go ahead and guess that every single man reading this article has at one time or another pictured himself punching out a mugger, or carrying another person out of a burning building. Right? Speaking of Sylvester Stallone…

Biologically, men are stronger because men are meant to be protectors. The protector role is at the very nucleus of what it means to be a man. By building your physical strength, you’ll be reasonably prepared for any situation that could arise, and you’ll also naturally increase your level of testosterone. If increased testosterone doesn’t equate to manliness, then we don’t know what does.


Because it will earn you respect

If you want to go on a rant about our shallow society and how people only care about what’s on the outside, then go ahead. We’ll be here waiting when you realize that just because you want something to change doesn’t mean it will.

Study after study has shown that women and men alike find men who are physically fit and strong to be more authoritative, respectable and attractive than men who aren’t. You know what they say: if you can’t beat ‘em, do some dumbbell curls.

Because being strong is a part of a well-balanced life

We all know Ernest Hemingway was a pretty good writer. But were you aware that he was also a big-time boxer? That he hunted lions and wildebeest in Africa? That he competed in track and field, and played water polo? Plenty of the greatest minds in history were also devoted to their physical health and strength, because they believed in the Whole Man – the idea that without a strong body, a man will never reach his highest potential in other avenues of his life.

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